17. September 2021.

NANORI Centre entered as associate partner the INTERREG Italia-Slovenia “Nano-Region” project

In mid June 2019 the Centre for micro- and nanosciences and technologies, together with the Department of Biotechnology and the Department of Physics of the University of Rijeka, have entered as associate partners the INTERREG Italia-Slovenia “Nano-Region” project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The goal of the “Nano-Region” project is to establish an integrated nanotechnology system between public research institutions and the industrial sector. It is well known that, if companies and research centers are involved together in upgrading the knowledge, they become a powerful incentive for innovation and growth. The University of Rijeka will benefit from the methodology developed within the “Nano-Region” project to strengthen the cooperation between industry and the academic community, and build new synergies that will be used in future co-operation programs. The “Nano-Region” project will, in turn, make use of the inclusion of the University of Rijeka by integrating the herein available knowledge and scientific infrastructure, hence expanding the range and the impact area to a region historically linked to the program area, but currently economically fragmented.