17. September 2021.

Children from the kindergarten “Đurđice” visited Center for Micro- and Nanosciences and Technologies

As part of the program program 27 neighborhoods within the framework of the project Rijeka European Capital of Culture (EPK) 2020, as a initiative of the Creative Team of the University of Rijeka, a “Magical Day” project was organized where short, creative and innovative workshops were held in the field of science and adapted to preschool children.

On November 30, 2018, the children from kindergarten “Đurđice” visited the Laboratory for Precise Engineering and Micro- and Nanosciences and Technologies at the Center for Micro- and Nanosciences and Technologies, which, to get acquainted with the basics of the scientific method and the advanced technological solutions, had a chance to find out what the atoms are, how and what 3D printers and scanners work, what laser is and what they are used for, and what kind of environmental energy collector works in the Laboratory.